Molecular Sieve Sachet


Molecular Sieves or Zeolite are normally used in the process of drying gases and liquids. Molecular Sieves are a crystalline composition with uniform pores that is measured in angstroms. This composition makes Molecular Sieve more effective than other types of desiccants. However, it is the smaller molecules that have a high absorption capacity.

Molecular Sieve have an opaque pinkish appearance and come in the form of beads. Molecular sieve have the capability to bring down the relative humidity to as low as 10% when used in proper packaging.

The Sachets in cut form can be fed into the bottle directly. In case of roll form, it requires to mount on cutting machine which are directly dispensed into the bottle.

Molecular Sieve desiccant Sachets are non-toxic and follows USFDA standards, used in pharmaceutical/Nutraceutical industries for specialized packaging. Sachets are available in various sizes and also as per customer requirement. The system used to ensure the quality of the product includes an electronic vision inspection that ensures complies.

Product Varient Avalable Size: 1.0gm, 2.0gm, 3.0gm
Note: Products are also available as per customers specification