Activated Carbon Sachet


Activated carbon is form of carbon processed from coconut shell to have small, low volume pores for adsorption of odour. Pharmaceutical/Food product are subjected to odour, the more care needs to take on storage and packaging till its shelf life, ActiPax® desiccant sachets helps to protect products from odour degradation in pharmaceutical packaging and food packaging. ActiPax desiccant sachets are food grade.

ActiPax® desiccant Sachets are filled with Activated carbon granules contains high speed odour adsorption.

ActiPax® desiccant sachets are non-toxic and follows USFDA standards, used in wide range of pharmaceutical industries for specialized packaging. Desiccant sachets sare available in various sizes for odour solution and also keeps the product fresh for long time.

ActiPax® from OREM are the most widely used Activated Carbon Sachets in the Pharmaceutical industry in primary packaging for adsorption of odour.

These desiccant Sachets are available in both cut & roll form. The Sachets in cut form can be fed into the bottle directly. In case of roll form, it requires to mount on cutting machine which are directly dispensed into the bottle.

Sachets are met with relevant GMP standards for direct food / Pharmaceutical contacts.
ActiPax® Sachets are 100% inspected to ensure relevant parameters.

Product Varient Avalable in 1.0gm, 2.0gm, 3.0gm, 4.0gm, 5.0gm
Note: Products are also available as per customers specification